Trance Dance Music

published on 5 February 2023
last edited on 9 February 2023

Are you new to trancedance and curious what music we dance on during a trancedance session?
Or maybe you do have trancedance experience but would love to know how a Harmonics trancedance session sounds like?

You can listen below to the music from the trancedance session of 23 January 2023. (or on SoundCloud).

More info about trancedans can be found on our trancedance page.
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  • Intro: Jonathan Goldman - Ultimate Om
    During the first 2 and a half minute you can hear this Om sound. This intro allows the facilitator to incite the participants to connect with their breath and start the breath of fire before the music starts.
  • From 2:30 to about 1:15:00 participants can move and dance freely. Both faciliators join the dance (without blindfold) to ensure the safety of the dancers and avoid collisions.
    • Aleceo - Senegal (Original Mix)
    • Rey&Kjavik - Ulima
    • Mercan Dede - Mercanistan
    • Anilah - Medicine Chant
    • Mercan Dede - Alef
    • Tikki Masala - Tribal Groove
    • Poranguí - Oxum
    • David Parsons - Urartu to Ubud
    • Geju - Niv
    • Deya Dova - Song For Charli
    • Shaman's Dream - Water Spirits
    • Maneesh De Moor - Drops of light
  • Integration: Frank Natale (Professor Trance)- Mother OM
    Around 1:15:00 the dancers can lie down and a blanket is placed over them. An Om sound will sound again for about 10 minutes.
  • Returning into the space: Alexia Chellun - The Power Is Here Now
    Around 1:26:00 the participants are invited by the facilitator to slowly come back into the room, and as soon as they are ready, the blindfold can be removed.