About Wouter and Harmonics

In 2020 Wouter personally experienced the healing power of sound and music and decided in 2021 to follow a sound healing training provided by Surya at Akasha Retreat Center.
Combined with modest electronic music production skills and dj-skills from a previous life, Wouter decided to start creating and playing music for holistic healing and dance.

In May 2022 Wouter played a first Ecstatic Dance session at a private birthday event: Rebirth Ecstatic Dance @ Krimpvarkie Huisi. 2 more ED sessions followed in the summer of 2022, including Release Your Inner Dancer on September 3.
If you're not familiar yet with Ecstatic Dance you can read about it in this blogpost: What is Ecstatic Dance?

From August to the end of October 2022, Wouter followed the Trance Dance Facilitator Training by Aernoudt Knecht.
After a successful first Trance dance session on October 17, monthly Trance Dance sessions will be planned in the winter of 2023.