Release your Inner Dancer - September 3

published on 23 August 2022
When was the last time you danced barefoot in the grass in nature?
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Edit: This event is over.
You can listen here to the recorded DJ-set: Release your Inner Dancer 🌿 Ecstatic Dance @ Krimpvarkie Huisi Haaltert

Let's dance together on September 3rd

Deep down we all have the need to be exuberant, to let go of our inner wildness.

We would like to offer a place and a moment where the 3-year-old child in us can be free again.
This in the form of an Ecstatic Dance session, barefoot in the grass in nature. A dance trip where we connect with our inner self, just "may be", move freely and release our energy.

The theme of the session on September 3rd is "Release your Inner Dancer". We invite you to "let go", guided by rhythm and the power of music, in a safe way, with no other means to remove our inhibitions.

You can register by sending a message to Wouter using the contact form, stating the number of people. Feel free to bring friends or girlfriends who might enjoy this dance as well.

"Release your Inner Dancer" event on

Practical information

  • We welcome you from 18h30
  • Opening ceremony by Frouke Vermeulen at 19h
  • Next we start the dance, which will take 1,5 to 2 hours. The music for the dance will be provided by Wouter (dj-set)
  • After the dance we gather in the circle around the fire
  • Water, fruit juice and tea will be provided

Some guidelines for during the dance

  • We recommend to dance barefoot
  • No talking during the dance
  • No alcohol, cigarettes or other substances


Krimpvarkie Huisi
Brantegemstraat 5
9450 Haaltert


You can park on the Keiberg in Haaltert.
There are parking spaces along the road between house numbers 23 to 61.
In the gps you can add Keiberg 35, Haaltert, for example.

Step towards the white chapel at the bottom of the Keiberg (100m)
At the chapel, turn left into Brantegemstraat and walk past house number 5 (50m).
There you will see a sign (see photo above) and a path towards Krimpvarki Huisi.
You have reached your destination.

The location: KrimpVarkie Huisi, Haalter