Trance Dance retreat

It’s been a week now since I’m back from the Trance Dance facilitator training and I’m still in the process of realising how profound and deeply transforming this experience was and the many effects it had on me.

It truly felt like homecoming, within myself, but also in this new group of people, connecting deeply from the heart.

What is Trance Dance?


Dancing with a blindfold is such a beautiful experience that I would recommend everyone to try it at least once, and feel how it helps you connect to your subconsciousness and your inner world.

Feeling so deeply connected with people that I haven’t met before is so precious.

Taking my time now to write this article, a few days after the retreat, is also a way to try keep the feeling alive, to tune in again and try to grasp what the gained experienced has changed within me and integrate it. Instead of picking up daily life immeditately and letting this feeling fade too fast.

Already weeks ago I started changing my living room into a more “open space” where I can sit and lay down on the floor. Putting 3 carpets

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